Monday, August 26, 2013


It is over a month since our maid of two years left amidst much drama. Her daughter-in-law reportedly committed suicide on July 19 and she informed us later that she has to stay back to look after her 2-year-old grandson. 
So far we have managed though it has been very tiring for me at times. We do enjoy the privacy and the fact that our expenses have been reduced by half. The kids are loving it as they get variety food made by the parents, not the staple diet the maid churned out day in and day out. A bossy woman, she had a say on what the kids ate each day and at each meal. 
V has been expanding his culinary skills too, and his experiments have been accepted whole-heartedly by the kids. Yesterday's Naadan chicken curry earned him the certificate of "Dad, you are a very good chef!" from them.
Until both parents conk out and a maid replacement arrives, it is the kids who will be having a ball.


ush said...

lovely.. u both cooking a lot. teach the kids to help..
I am sure you all will have great time.
take care

Ladybird said...

Yes, kids love to help too. Cutting bindi etc. :) Ash especially loves cooking and watches all the food food channels passionately.

ush said...

Here 2 young ones have that interest